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Zyklus Heat Transfer products are distributed throughout the United States and worldwide, including Canada, Mexico, U.K., India, China, New Zealand, and Australia.

  • Commercial and Residential Refrigeration:
    Medium and Low Temperature Commercial Refrigeration
  • Mobile Transportation:
    Class "8" trucks, buses, off-road vehicles, boats
  • Air-conditioning:
    Commercial and Residential air-conditioning

Tubular Assemblies:

Our customer base is widely diversified within the HVAC industry and includes many well known companies in our industry.  Our products are found in a variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications. At Zyklus Heat Transfer we have the ability to manufacture fabricated tubing in a variety of sizes.  We currently manufacture 1/8” od to 1 5/8” od material with new state-of-the-art CNC benders from Keins and Chioyda.  We manufacture header assemblies, manifolds, A coil assemblies, tube and fin assemblies, feeder parts, legs, return bends, line sets, and customer specific HVAC components.  All made to our customer’s requirements with capabilities to braze and leak test tubes, assemblies and components.

Coil Support:

Tees, Return Bends, crossovers, spud legs, distributor sub assemblies/spin ups, extension bodies, manifolds/headers and elbows or kick legs.

Tube and Fin Heat Exchanger Coils

We offer new Burr Oak CNC fin press equipment for your tube and fin heat exchanger needs. Coils made with copper tubing and aluminum fin stock.

Tube diameter: 5/16", 3/8" several patterns inline and staggered, and 1/2" all manufactured using smooth or rifled tubing.

Fin surface: corrugated, sine wave, flat, louvered or lanced. Heater rod notches available and many different fin collar heights.

Fin patterns: A wide selection in configurations that provides multiple options for efficient heat transfer solutions.

Coil Sizes: Available sizes to max fin height 50”, and 120” max fin length. Longer and wider sizes available if needed.

Corrosion resistant, durable, protective coating on coils - applied with the electro-coating - E-COAT process is available.


Available in many combinations of patterns, fin surfaces, and tube surfaces for efficient performance in standard or low fouling refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

Lanced or louvered fins for high evaporating temperature applications or with flat, corrugated or sine wave fins for low evaporating temperature applications.

Water Heating or Cooling:
Available in various coil configurations, depending on whether the end product will be used for heating or cooling in residential, commercial, or mobile HVAC application. 

Zyklus Heat Transfer’s resources include a dedicated and experienced workforce and vast manufacturing capabilities.  Our versatile manufacturing resources allow us to consistently build quality tubing and heat exchangers to customers’ specifications and unique requirements at competitive prices. In addition, our value added services we provide you with the best overall value:

  • Flexibility in our manufacturing schedule to support your planning effort especially at times when market demand changes.

  • Engineering support by our experienced staff to assist you in selecting the right tubing that will provide you with the best heat transfer solutions for your applications.
  • Just In Time programs tailored to your company's needs that can improve your cycle time and inventory levels.
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Low fouling condenser applications apply to specific beverage dispensing or similar machinery and appliances where the finned surface of the coils may become coated with substances that would greatly increase the capture of airborne trash and contaminants (grass, chaff, etc.)  By designing the fins and tube arrangement of the coils to still achieve acceptable performance after contamination in these environments the service life of the appliance is greatly extended.