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Our products are found in a variety of commercial and residential applications:

heat transfer coils  
Commercial and Residential Refrigeration:
Medium and Low Temperature Commercial Refrigeration
Mobile Transportation:
Class "8" trucks, buses, off-road vehicles, boats
Commercial, Residential air-conditioning, and Geothermal Heat Pump
We have the ability to mass spec all assemblies at the customer's request.
Cut to length tubes
TXV assemblies
Return bends 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2"
Tube bending and forming
UL and CUL approved
Distributor assemblies
4-way expansion valves assemblies
Suction lines
Liquid lines
Air conditioning headers and manifolds
Compressor connecting tubes
Filter drier assemblies
Flow control assemblies
Refrigeration headers and manifolds
We use Gasflux on all brazed parts
Refrigeration unit assembly
Aluminum & copper spin ups for distributor assemblies
Bus heater assemblies
Sheet metal work
Refrigeration FDA grade paint line
Please click images for larger views of some of our products.
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